Open matte vs bluray

Posted on February 12, Filed under: Definitions. A frame from a 35mm film print. Here, the picture is framed for the intended theatrical aspect ratio inside the yellow box. Picture outside the yellow box is matted out when the film is shown in widescreen. For television versions, a large portion of the picture can be used inside the red box with an open matte. Open matte is a filming technique that involves matting out the top and bottom of the film frame in the movie projector known as a soft matte for the widescreen theatrical release and then scanning the film without a matte at Academy ratio for a full screen home video release.

The scene tag was introduced on for the rip Coyote. This is an excerpt from the accompanying NFO file:. RNFO: We are going to try something new. As always a comparison image will be included in the Sample directory.

Some might argue that the tag OPEN. Their releases still got nuked for using the tag. You are commenting using your WordPress.

open matte vs bluray

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Mark Forums Read. Open Matte vs. Thread Tools. Likes: 5. Received 54 Likes on 38 Posts. OK, I have a confession to make. There have been times when I've actually enjoyed seeing an open matte presentation of a film more than seeing the same movie in OAR.

When the 1. How does this argument sound: Open Matte for sets I like when both versions of films are included on the flipper DVDs. What is the group's opinion? View Public Profile. Find More Posts by zyzzle.

Robert George. Because you are speaking in subjective terms, then the answer is yes, fullscreen can be "better" if that is what a particular viewer prefers.

Fullscreen is not, however, an accurate presentation of a widescreen film. If the viewer's ultimate goal is a presentation as true to the original as possible, then fullscreen is never "better".

Newbie question about open matte

Last edited by Robert George; at AM. Find More Posts by Robert George. Sometimes I feel the same way about it being a little cramped vertically or just that it's framed too high, but I always go with the widescreen version since sometimes there are a lot of really cool compositions that don't have nearly the impact when the mattes are lifted.

Plus, gotta get use out of my TV's mode. Find More Posts by bis Received 1 Like on 1 Post. OAR is not about more picture, it's about correct picture. Find More Posts by Jackskeleton. I'm OAR all the way, especially on 16x9 sets where the anamorphic enhancement gives much more detail. Just wanting to know what you think about open matte for those with 4x3 sets. Why did Kubrick insist that his films be shown open-matte? What about that opinion justified open-matte as "the correct picture" when many of the compositions look better in 1.

I know that seems crazy, but I actually like both versions!Some time ago, some of us were talking about the open matte scenes in TMWTGG[1] and that got me thinking about the rest of the movies. Full open matte is IMAX, unavailable anywhere.

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I also was fortunate enough to see Skyfall in IMAX… This might sound dramatic, but it is one of my all time favorite movie-going experiences. Truly immersive even if they JUST opened up the framing from the 35mm ratio. Skyfall really raised the bar for me. Casino Royale is indeed open matte on PSP. Someone at FE has ripped the disc before and synced it to the Blu-Ray soundtrack. Equal to DVD quality.

Golden Eye on 1. The ResolveR ultimate restoration workstation [Fundamental Collection] thread blog. In addition to Casino Royale, it looks like the initial DVD releases were released in fullscreen, most probably pan and scan. I suspect that some other Moore titles might have varying AR also. Goldeneye was shot in anamorphic wide screen, the 1. A lot of the older movies have open matte versions on old releases though.

The 1. I have the laserdisc of Golden Gun, but its sped way up to fit on one disc. Quantum of Solace on the other hand, again from ITV, is definitely Open Matte, although the latest showings of both this and CR have been theatrical 2.

Needless to say I promptly deleted it. I will post the results here once I receive it. Further, just managed to check a couple of screen compares with the widescreen and the fullscreen is not OM, unfortunately, it is cropped obviously even more than the broadcast. Also seen screenshots from a Czech tv broadcast and that is also cropped so take this to mean there is no open matte available. They indeed have open matte versions.All rights reserved.

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Mark Forums Read. Open Matte vs.

What does “OPEN MATTE” mean?

Thread Tools. Received 1 Like on 1 Post. Originally posted by calhoun07 So if a director wants you to see a movie in full frame only, that's cool? View Public Profile. Find More Posts by talemyn.

Re: Open Matte vs. Originally posted by zyzzle When the 1.

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Find More Posts by joliom. Jah-Wren Ryel. Re: Re: Open Matte vs. Originally posted by joliom In that case why not see the whole sound stage as well?

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You could watch the scene plus see all the equipment, the crew, the craft service tables Gyno Rhino.

Yes, if one has to compare open-matte with pan-and-scan, open-matte will win.Open matte is a filming technique that involves matting out the top and bottom of the film frame in the movie projector known as a soft matte for the widescreen theatrical release and then scanning the film without a matte at Academy ratio for a full screen home video release. Open matte can be used with non- anamorphic films presented in 2.

Instead, those films will employ either pan and scan or reframing using the well-protected areas. Films shot anamorphically use the entire 35mm frame except for the soundtrack areaso they must use pan and scan as a result.

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The rise of new film exhibition technologies in s like Cineramaand anamorphic lenses, shooting wide aspect ratios for theatrical films. To avoid letterboxing for broadcast releases, films were therefore reframed and cropped shot by shot to fit appropriately, and full screen with the aspect, with a process called Pan and Scan.

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Hence, only a cropped small portion of the theatrical frame was broadcast. Many films over the years have used the open matte technique for home video releases and television broadcasts, the most prominent of which include the Back to the Future trilogy, the Jurassic Park trilogy, Schindler's ListTitanicand Top Gun as well as many films that have been specially formatted for the IMAX expanded aspect ratio of 1.

Pan and Scan deals with only the 2. For HDTVthe film is panned and scanned to a portion of a frame, usually in accordance to the most important details in a shot. Open matte involves opening up the top and bottom of a frame to show more information, which is usually done with non-anamorphic films with a wide 2.

Additionally, filmmakers may choose to open up the frame for a film's home video release, such as with James Cameron's Avatar and the Blu-ray 3D release of Titanic. If footage with taller ratios were shot digitally or on filmfor example IMAX scenes for various films, then the screen real-estate is cropped in accordance to the deliverable ratio.

This helps in preserving headroom and composition for the film beyond the theatrical release. Usually, non-anamorphic 4-perf films are filmed directly on the entire full frame silent aperture gate 1. When a married print is created, this frame is slightly re-cropped by the frame line and optical soundtrack down to Academy ratio 1.

The movie projector then uses an aperture mask to soft matte the Academy frame to the intended aspect ratio 1. When the full-screen video master is created, many filmmakers may prefer to use the full Academy frame "open matte" instead of creating a pan and scan version from within the 1.

Because the framing is increased vertically in the open matte process, the decision to use it needs to be made prior to shooting, so that the camera operator can frame for 1. Additionally, the un-matted version may often throw off an otherwise tightly-framed shot and add an inordinate amount of headroom above actors particularly with 1. With high definition television now in common usage with its standardized 1. For films with wider aspect ratios 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Matte disambiguation.

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You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.Sign In. Edit Titanic Showing all 12 items. The board that he uses to write on is higher to cover up any of her nude body. In the widescreen version, just the top of her bottom is seen.

Titanic – [Open-Matte] – Remux 1080p – Dual Áudio

The Paramount logo starts the film in the U. Indian censors removed Kate Winslet's nudity in the scene where Jack sketches Rose. It is uncensored in the reissue prints. James Cameron made a notable change for the 3-D release in After being told by Neil deGrasse Tyson that the starfield in the sinking scene would not have been visible from that location at that time of year, Cameron replaced it with a view of the correct starfield.

Additions of stars in the background were made for all of the night exterior shots of the ship for the 3-D release in For example, more of Rose's naked body is shown during her nude drawing scene, including her full behind when she drops the robe. During the final plunge, Jack and Rose are seen on the top of the railing, which wasn't visible in the theatrical scope version.

This version also removes boom mics and other camera equipment that was originally noticeable in the original Super 35 negative because of James Cameron strapping black gaffe tape on the video monitors during filming. For example, in the scene when Cal yells at Rose during breakfast, a small shadow of a boom mic is visible.

open matte vs bluray

In addition to the 'starfield' alteration noted above, some minor cosmetic changes were made to the 3D re-release. Lighting and camera equipment visible during certain scenes were digitally removed, as were mountains and city lights that could briefly be seen from the Titanic deck as these scenes were shot in Baja, Mexico.

Alternate Versions

In addition, the Paramount logo at the start has been replaced with the logo that debuted in for the studio's th Anniversary.

The version shown in Singapore deletes the nude drawing of Kate Winslet. The 70mm print shown at the Odeon Cinema Leicester Square London, UK is rumored to have included a scene of two mariners looking on at the Titanic launching distress flares.

This is not in several 35mm prints. A special home video enhanced for the blind was released on October 5, in the US. It features a process called TheaterVision, consisting in additional narration by director James Cameron and actress Angie Dickinson describing the onscreen actions and images during dialogue-less scenes.

During the sinking in a prerelease version seen in November 97, there was a short scene with the Strausses The older couple later seen on the bed. Strauss is offered a place on the boats, but refuses to leave her husband, and Mr. Strauss refuses to take a place before the other men. You can see the tail end of the shot in the final film, with the two of them walking away after this exchange. Other things that were longer in this version were the opening on the sea floor, where more artifacts are seen, as well as Rose's search for the handcuff key she is shown looking through more drawers, etc.

Edit page. Titanic Did You Know? Movies without fantasy elements that I like. Share this page:. Clear your history.Sign-up to become a memberand most of the ads you see will disappear. It only takes 30 seconds to sign up, so join the discussion today! Newbie question about open matte Discussion in ' Archived Threads ' started by Mike BroadmanOct 24, Message 1 of 23 Oct 24, Mike Broadman Producer.

Hey all, I have a question about open matte: What is open matte? Message 2 of 23 Oct 24, Jerry Gracia Supporting Actor.

open matte vs bluray

Generally, it is bad. Click on the link below for some good info. Message 3 of 23 Oct 24, Michael Reuben Director.

Open Matte vs Blu Ray Movies

Here's a general outline: A 35mm frame of film minus the area reserved for soundtrack has an AR of roughly 1. Most films intended to be shown at 1. When the film is projected in theaters, the projectionist is supposed to matte the image at top and bottom to achieve the desired theatrical AR.

For home video versions presented at 1. Among the reasons why this is a problem: 1.

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It interferes with the intended visual composition of the film. The extra space at top and bottom often has things that shouldn't be seen boom mikes, cables, underwear on an actor whose character is supposed to be nude, as in A Fish Called Wanda.

Special effects shots are almost always filmed in the theatrical AR. They still have to be panned and scanned. With CG effects becoming more and more common, this is a major issue.

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